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side pull caliper, center pull, cantilever.

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Mildy Pew

Mildy Pew, boy with no eyelids. This is a rare disorder, I think it must have been because as most of his body grew normally with age, his eyelids stayed small. His eyeballs grew too until there wasn't enough thin membrane to cover them. So he could close his eyelids about half way, but in order to moisten the eyeball he'd have to keep them half closed. Visualize this: when half closed it always looked somewhat like he was trying to suck them back into his skull, holding them like this he'd roll his eyeballs up then down thereby moistening them a half at a time.

I first noticed Mildy when i was working at the night store. He wore a bright red jumpsuit and was sort of walking with quick steps along the sidewalk opposite from my stoop (where I'd be waiting to greet the occasional customer). He was hard to miss, and a few nights later I was surprised that I didn't spot him sooner, as his habit was to walk several quick steps, then stop and do a careful turn to the side as though he was being followed and knew he was being followed, but just barely lacked the guts to turn full around and confront his tail. There never was anyone behind him of course.

But after that, for a full week I watched his nocturnal habits from my stoop, his funny way of walking, the way that his eyes bulged out of their sockets, and how whenever he'd stop, turn, twist his face, lips curl up in a wince, his eyelids half-closed [each one covering the eyeball one quarter of the whole at the top and 1/4 at the bottom] and his Adam's Apple peek out at me. Everywhere you look, Mildy Pew was having a hard time.

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