Friday, August 29, 2008

idea for a novel/a novel idea

1. He saved the pate of Mrs. Chortle Sister, but sadly he no longer knows where his own face sits.

2. On nine out of a hundred happy occasions he can bat seven innings into a figurative figure.

3. The other one infinity times he has to walk the intangible puppy through fields of frozen heads singing chattering ballads of where the wells used to be and how much longer his transom wire can bleed.

4. He knows it will one day sally forth into the glassy dew.

"them's the rules"

said smug mister Flit, with a bob of his head to some unseen customer.

"I'd rule it impossible for you to not breed with the hair of Lacy Ramsmilk, but the wife of my son's wife does not approve of bets or leisure suits. Her wife's son died trying to welch on a bet when the sap of his leisure suit got stuck like gum in the little hairs on back of his hand. We never saw from, or heard him again."

"A little bit unruly, that."

"Don't you mean a master of bent rules and rulers twisted into other people's armpits?"

"A regal swarm of bladder bees, descending in neat folds, twisting the pleats of my black socks and wrinkling my best attire is more than likely when speaking of armpits."

"I know what you mean, the drones are hard enough to kill but they breed like rabbits on fire and unless you sever the head of the mayor, they never go into hibernation."

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