Tuesday, September 29, 2009


a man entered this video store, went to look at the collection, and came to the counter. well dressed and smiling, he said: "i don't have time to look, i just want you to tell me if you have a few films. 'my fantasy girl's pov, no.1 and 3.' no? okay, how about 'POUnd the ROUnd?' no? alright, thanks buddy."


mea said...

I just saw your post on a blog about a Foetus recording. I saw you say Custom Built for Capitalism was great. That recording and its b-sides and Foetus and Marc Almond's Slut are the only things I don't have. If you have it, I would be willing to trade very rare digital recording of other 12"s for a digital recording of either of the above mentioned records.


Anonymous said...

Guy I knew when asked what his favorite movie of all time is would reply "fast fucker bum busters volume 3...", wait for a response, then say, "People say 2 is the classic, but for my money #3 is the classic".

Haw, you should keep bloggin' Messer Fishno. (Paul)